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The question has appeared in one of the quiz blogs,nevertheless it forms a great question.What is depicted in this painting,an answer wrt the weapon/ammunition and the person’s army using ’em is sought.


This is the Anglo Mysore war where rockets were used,these rockets were further copied by William Congreve and the British then used it in their military escapades.Sadly,these are today called as Congreve Rockets!

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All of these were written/co written by Mario Puzo,for a detailed answer refer Aashish’s comment!

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Pleasure Principle

Continuing on the series of currency notes,This is an Austrian Schilling ,Identify the person


It is the father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud

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On top of the World

Identify the person on this New Zealand Dollar


It is Sir Edmund Hillary

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Guest Contribution

This is a question sent in by Karthik! (and he gets a free point for that!:-)well you-too- can do so by mailing me: shenoyvarun86@gmail.com

Edward Stevens had thrice bowled through John smalls wicket in a celebrated single wicket match between Five of Hambeldon and Five of Kent in 1775. Hambeldon needed 14 to win and the last man, Small, providentially reprived, got the required 14 runs.

What did the above incident lead to ?

Quoting Akshay Anantraman John Small got bowled again and again but wasn’t out because there were only two stumps in those days. This particular incident led to the addition of the 3rd stump.

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