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Put fundae


Question sent in by Rahul…

Quoting rahul ”

This is the first appearance of Douglas Adams (author of “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”) in the TV show Monty Python and the Flying Circus.

1) The logo of Monty python and the Flying Circus.
2) Douglas Adams appears as a surgeon in episode 42 of the series”

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A question chipped in by Srikar

Identify the famous signature


Joan Of Arc!
Cracked by-santosh,Sa,Prahalad,Rahul,Pradeep,Aashish,Nishanth Raman

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Hall Of Fame

Considering the fact that Prahalad,Shreyas,Kaundi,Dibyo and Tyson are leading the race by a Hugeee margin there is a complaint that there isn’t “enough drive” to participate in the quiz,hence a new tab of Hall Of fame is started and anyone who scores above 50 will automatically be inducted into that and a regular leader board will feature anyone below that score,after considerable number of “peoples” score above 50 the cut-off for hall of fame would be made 100/75 as the case may be!However, an overall leader board will be maintained just to show who rules the roost!

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Violence made Easy

A sitter after yesterdays shocker!Connect


Actually one more clue would make the question darn simple,so only 2 clues folks…the question is sent in by Prateek

Cracked by 16 violent men*err* and women!

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God Bless…..

Identify the gentleman


Sorry for the late posting,the scores would be updated tomorrow,’cause Indias power reforms are yet to be taken off…..God bless….

The question was sent in by Ismav….This is Amerigo Vespussi!

Cracked by Dibyo alone! Cheers!

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Friendish Connect

A simple connect!


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Vintage Maugham

This is a novel by Maugham(all hail!) which influenced a popular series of novels(atleast in parts) Identify the novel by Maugham and the inspired work


The book is Ashenden: Or the British Agent Inspired a lot of spy fiction, notably some elements of the James Bond series (things like using the first initial, etc.

Cracked by-Aditya,Dibyo,Pradeep,Shreyas,Vinay Sridhar,AnubhavSarathy,Ismav,Avais,Ahubhendu,Tyson(Welcom back!) ,Deepa,Gopal,Srikar,Abuzafffar,Guru,Rana,Rahul,Siddharth,A

Half crackedby-NikhilKaundinya,Aditi,Aashish and vish

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