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As there was a problem with the audio file in yesterday’s question, there will be a bonus question today as compensation.. 🙂

1) What are such water bodies called?

The asnwer is Moat

2) Connect(this one’s a repeated question)

Connect is cinthol!
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Connect and Explain! two answers possible either would do…

  1. Connect(Audio)

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A Wise Man’s Gambit

What “Game” is described below?

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Common Denominator

Whats common to the following images

The answer is Butterfly…

1) Butterfly Chair

2)Butterfly Stroke

3) Butterfly Knife

4) Henri Charriere of ‘Papillon’ fame..

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1 (the first one and circled female) was supposedly inspired from 2, some credit 3 with the invention but nothing is sure regarding who did it first, what are we speaking about

  1. Many thanks to Puneet for the question! 🙂               The answer is the miniskirt…1) Mary Quant 2) The Mini Automobile  3)André Courrèges               Cracked by 21 quizzers!  Quiz on, people! 🙂

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Give me a term common to these images

The last pic is the the verb form of the term
The connect is NIBBLE
1) The old computer game ‘Nibbles’.
2) Four bits make a nibble.
3) This little mouse from Tom & Jerry is called Nibbles(aka Tuffy)
4) The squirrel is ‘nibbling’.
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2 Questions for the Day

Since the past few days have been low scoring, here are 2 questions for the day…PLease

A Bovine Connection

What did this famous image “inspire”?

  1. Here’s the same pic with the artist in view
Cracked by Rana, IX, and Chaitanya(mail)
Andy Warhol’s Cow print/wallpaper thing which inspired the cover of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother
Temporarily-Laid Permanently

Whats the deal?

Cracked by every living soulKudos to Dibyo, for crossing the 100 mark, by far the quickest to reach:)

paul is dead-alleging that Paul mccartney was dead…batman parodied the rumour with a story ‘dead…till proven alive’ in which it was rumoured that saul from the band oliver twists was deceased!

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