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Money takes you to “Time”

A question sent in by Ratnakar

JUst put funda/Identify

Osman Ali Khan,Asaf Jah VII!he was considered to be the richest man in the world in the 1940s coz of which he was featured on the cover of time!

Cracked by many peepals!

PS-There is a new Lunar sapien, if it is Rishabh himself, please inform:)

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The Monarch

For the lack of a better question, I’m giving this oft repeated connect…

Quoting Kamal “The Connect is Mithun Da
He was a Naxalite before entering the film industry (the map shows the Naxalite effect in India, district wise). The second pic is of Mimoh, Mithun’s son and the stamp is of Dada Saheb Phalke-Mithun is th chairman of the Phalke committee)

Cracked by many Disco dancers!

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Money Money Money

A very simple one for the day, The regions marked in red show what?

The OPEC countries!

Cracked by lots of oil barons!

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I pray

Identify the key and the door to which it fits in

This is the key to the kaaba!

Cracked by-Rana, Guru, Ratnakar, Nakul, Avais, Saurabh,Anubhav, Sudip, Dibyo, Udupa and Siddharth

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Song Connect

A music heavy post, What is common to the folowing songs, I can tag this as a current affairs question:)

  2. AUDIO(Bad Quality)

For 3 & 4 I couldn’t get the videos, so, have shared the audio files!

All these songs are based on Raga Malhar (or Megha Malhar). It is sung to please the Rain Gods, so that it will rain. Miyan Tansen sung this to start the rains!

Cracked only by Kamal Rathi

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