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Map depicting what?

World Diamond Reserves/MInes

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Thanks to asquance, there shall be no questions till tuesday, so here are the 4 questions…


Explain the transition: Sorry for the image quality


Identify the “street”

These are a few “shops” in the above said “street”


A painting by Ravi verma, who is the damsel, what is she doing here?

Question 4:

Simple, Connect the two images to an individual

Question 1)Puffin Books logo

Question 2)Tin Pan Alley

Question 3)Menaka trying to seduce Vishwamitra

Question 4) Aaditya Datt, director of ABA and Grandson of Anand Bakshi

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#206- Careless

Very Simple, Identify the movie:

This is from the Harold Lyod starer Safety Last!Cracked by 14 of you

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Answers and Scores!

Here are the answers for the Monthly

  1. Structure of Benzene aka Kekule structure
  2. Purandaradasa formerly Navakoti Narayana
  3. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge
  4. There are 2 fundas here, Abu the monkey from Alladin, Jaffer from Alladin and Sabu from Chacha Chowdary
  5. Both songs were composed by Biddu Appiah
  6. The MOvie Water, which was India’s Cannada’s official entry to the oscars
  7. Air India Maharaja
  8. Rrose Selavy alias Marcel Duchamp
  9. Impressions:Sunrise from Claude Monet started the Impressionist era
  10. Mysteries of the Horizon By Rene Magritte


  1. Anand Babu : 5
  2. Anubhav Chatterjee : 1
  3. Casey Jones : 8
  4. Anand Shankar : 1
  5. Kamal Rathi : 7
  6. Taran Uday : 1
  7. Anirvan : 3
  8. Keyser Soze : 4
  9. Vivek : 1
  10. Souvik :2
  11. Malcaluffin : 4
  12. S : 2
  13. Chirag : 3
  14. Haroon : 3
  15. Nithin : 1
  16. Nakul : 7
  17. Guru : 3
  18. Saha : 5
  19. Dibyo : 6
  20. Aditya : 2
  21. Abhimanyu : 5
  22. Ratnakar : 3
  23. Anubhav : 6
  24. Arun : 7
  25. Shardha : 5
  26. Siddharth : 7

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#205- Divine Intervention

Simple! What is the “God” doing here?

Check out the Monthly round, closes today!

Quoting Saha “Drinking poison emanating from the ocean churning before nectar came out…hence getting the sobriquet Neelkanth….” Fora detailed explanation refer Kamal Rathi’s comment

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Continuing on paintings, what sad event is depicted in these 2 paintings

PS: Check out the Monthly Round

Massacre of The Innocents!For details checkDibyo’s comments!

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Keyser Soze is  back from Kolkata, Kudos!!!

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Its been a long time since something fresh and new has happened, The Question Of The week is long dead, so this is a trial run for a Monthly round which will have a bunch of questions,it shall remain open for 3 days and a separate scoring will be done!Hope you like it:)In the mean time the daily question shall be put up on all days other than the first day of the Monthly… Here we go

QUESTION 1: Strange Dreams

A sleeper to start with, a man dreamt of this image,what in the scientific world did this inspire?


Stamp Commemorating whom?

Question 3: A question sent by Anubhav, long time back, Identify these bunch of dangerous people

QUESTION 4: Which famous comic character was supposedly inspired from this

QUESTION 5: Who connects these 2 songs

QUESTION 6: Simple connect the images to a movie(sent by srikar)

QUESTION 7: In these advertisements which ruler is blanked (sent by Nikhil)the last one is a give away

QUESTION 8: Who is this questionable lady?

QUESTION 9: Easy, Identify the painting and its significance in art history

QUESTION 10: To end, identify the painting and the artist( my favourite)

End note: Please send all the answers in a single reply:)

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