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#239 InConceivable

Identify her…

Louise Brown, first test tube baby,…

due to the unfortunate result of the BMW F1 team this weekend, my mind is pretty screwed… I’ve had a tough time updating scores and only updated the scores for those who answered the infernal affairs question (and the other 2).. those who have only answered the louise brown q and/or the lara croft question correct, please post in your updated scores.. the same for anyone else who thinks his/her score is wrong

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#238 :)

Lara Croft aka. Tomb Raider

p.s. Angelina Jolie doesn’t hold a candle to the… well… “real” Lara Croft

i’ll add today’s and yesterday’s score during the weekend, when i’m bored

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#237-Cops and Robbers

Below is a poster of a famous Hong Kong movie. It was directly copied by a famous Hollywood director who made its Oscar winning English version, name the movie and the movie that copied it.

It’s InFernal Affairs, which was remade into the Departed (35 Cracks)

IF you’re planning on watching these movies and haven’t seen either


movie is available for download here… http://www.mininova.org/tor/819153

(@ Sana : now you have no excuse… better watch the movie asap 🙂 )

A short review, the movie is actually 3 parts, the first is in my opinion the best cop movie ever made, the second is a prequel, a family crime drama along the lines of the Godfather, the third is a sequel – a psychological thriller. Never have I seen 3 movies so different merging together so seamlessly… watch it to understand what I’m talking about

@ Anubhav : I saw IA before Departed heheh… always watch the original first 😛

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#236-Forever and ever

What is depicted in the painting?

The answer is the Fountain of youth, cracked by 8 quizzers

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#235-Who’s this old guy?

Clue : He has nothing to do with superman 🙂

Bob Kane

cracked by goyal, rc, sana and malcaluffin

btw goyal, looks like your theory about this being a wrong time to ask this was wrong, only 4 of you guys attempted the question

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