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#268-No Clue again!!

What is this?( A repeat question 😉 )



The thing as a whole looks like the following image!

This is the Surveyor’s Chain more popularly known as Gunter’s Chain

Cracked by ten quizzers

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#267-No Clue!

Artists impression of which Hindu Deity

This is Indra on his Airawata

Cracked by-Anirudh, Paras,Sana,Prashanth,Srikar,VinayPrasad,Hercules,Dibyo,Guru & Aparna

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What dysfunctional connection exists between these two gentlemen

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#265-The Climb up the ladder

Identify & Connect or put funda

Abraham Maslow and the hierarchy of needs….

Smashed by 42 highly motivated quizzers:)

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#264-“Man” O “Man”

Simple one for the day, put funda

Refer Comments for answers!
The question was smashed by 25 ape human descendants

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