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#297-We, no Lull

Identify the advertiser OR put funda

Easily strummed by 27 quizzers, for answer refer comments!

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What “great” connection exists between the following 5 images clues

  1. +

  2. +

PS-The huge + means that the clue is a combo of 2 pics

The question went uncracked! – Answer>

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#295-Check, Tested, OK!

Although they come from (1), they are said to be from (2).Put Funda

Cracked by 18 quizzers! (more…)

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#294-The Leader


Cracked by-Anand Shankar(mr MBBS), Nayana Pai,Malcaluffin & Mario (more…)

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#293-Not Occidental

Very simple, Connect

Cracked by 25 oriental gentlemen! (more…)

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