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Kamal Rathi asks you the whereabouts and details of this pic

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Nishanth Raman asks you to identify the reason behind this Life magazine cover

Sorry for not updating the scores,I shall do so as soon as I find some time 🙂

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Very easy, identify the man in the pic (to your right)

I shall update the scores of last two questions, pretty soon

Cracked by a dozen-1 quizzers


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#324-Richly Affectionate

Posting the question early, yesterday’s question remains open till evening

Connect the book cover shown in the image to the song(only!!)

Cracked by 19 quijjerrssss


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Firstly, wishing you all a very Happy Diwali!

A simple one, Vinayprasad asks you to Identify & connect the following..Identification a must for full points 🙂

Have questions? Send ’em to me 🙂


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