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If I am not wrong this question is a repeat, it had appeared on one of the blogs about a year ago. Still, its a wonderful question


dddfgeCracked left, right & centre!



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#459 #460 #461

For not dishing out questions  all these days, this is a compensatory post. It contains 3  questions, which will remain open for two days. However, it is business as usual from tuesday onwards (i.e.,daily question will be  back!YaY!)

Scores for Monthly will be up as soon as MyQA’s PC is re-vitalised! 🙂


Identify these


Cracked by-Malcaluffin(not fully, but he got the Doll thing!)


Identify this genius


Went Uncracked


Simple, Identify

compensation-hahaCracked by-Malcaluffin only!!!


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Thanks to tons of problems with the PC and bad OS, we are unable to post questions. Answers & Scores to Monthly along with regular questions will be up in a coupla days time
We are sorry about this.

Food For Thought

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#457 & #458

Thanks to “a bad operating system”, I couldn’t post yesterday’s question. So, two questions for the day


What phrase connects pic A and B






Simply identify the monument.


Both the questions were cracked by Raghuvansh, Sangram Banerjee, malcaluffin and Kamal Rathi!!! many others got the seond question right.


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Simple…Identify the logo

Cracked by almost everyone!!!


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Monthly X

The Monthly in its 10th edition has 30 questions, the set remains open for 3 days. The daily question will not be posted for the next three days. This gives you a decent chance to change the geography of the Leader Board.

Questions by-MyQA and Varun

We are thinking of starting another Guest Question series but with a difference. Please send two questions(or max 4) which revolve around a common  theme;this ensures that one Guest Contributor features for two(or more) days on the blog. The questions will be  featured on the blog if they are framed uniquely, please don’t send banal themes. Scoring pattern shall be decided at a later stage(myqa and I will talk over about it 🙂 ) If past contributions are anything to go by, this themed GQC will feature,most probably, till the next Monthly. So, looking forward to your mails; Send ’em to both shenoyvarun86[at]gmail[dot]com & arunkumar_ieee[at]yahoo[dot]com.

MOD EDIT: In question 4,first pic(monthly-con) appears to be broken, just click on the image and it opens up.

MOD EDIT : Please send only one reply, it becomes really tough to update  scores other wise

For now, Monthly X is up for grabs, get cracking folks!

Answers for Monthly X!!!

Monthly X

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1 shows a kind of a pea,it sometimes named after a character from  2, and a modern day word of measure owes its its origin to 1 (a property inherent to 1). Explain


  1. huhahahahahahahahahahaha2
  2. huhahahahahaha11

All scores will be up-to-date by sunday.We apologise for not being up-to-the-mark 🙂

Cracked by-Neeraj, Raghuvansh & Malcaluffin! Kudos!!!


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