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Answers and Scores

Here are the answers & scores for the Monthly XIII. The set more or less lived upto the expectation of being “easy”. Hercules and Raghuvansh have scored 25, which vaguely gives me a sense that I I need to rework my act. There were 2 questions which basically did not serve any purpose as one  contained the answer in the pic itself and the other picture’s’ name was not changed, a serious blunder after posting in excess of 500 questions. Anyway here are the scores and the answers, in case of any errors do post a comment!

Before that: today’s question

Name Score
Shrey Goyal 9
Vivek 4
Shreyas 15
BAd Ass Thambi 13
Nikhil 14
Raghuvansh R 25!(Hooorah!)
Rithwik 15
Malcaluffin 18
Abhi 18
Kamal Rathi 18
Sangram 15
Wanderlust 12
Anubhav 2
Sid Jain 14
Leo 14
Vinayprasad 11
Srikar4 4
Hercules 25!(Whew!)
Hemant 15
Avais 13
Djd 23
sumo_ftb 12
Venkatakrishanan 10
Nakul 23
Ananth 11


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#542-An Honourable person

Identify this person

maiyrreysml`2389Thanks to incessant powercuts, I am unable to collate scores. Answers and scores for the Monthly will be up ASAP!

Cracked by Waldorf T Flywheel, Malcaluffin,DJD,Nishanth Raman, Raghuvansh & Aditi

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Monthly XIII

The monthly is back! 25 questions,will remain open for  3 days….No daily question shall be posted during these three daysl!Some pictures may be slightly NSFW, so watch out for those peeping toms!

Catch you again on the 30th of June… Get cracking folks(Let me warn you this is an easy set), but before that do vote for your topic of interest

MOnthly XIII

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#541-Maltani Mitti

Stamp fantasy continues….A sitter for the day, Identify the guy in the stamp..


Raghuvansh’s curse has hit Karnataka power supply corporation so the delay in posting the question

Cracked by 17 people!  Aparna was the only person who got the geodesic dome part! Waldorf T Flywheel again tried to crack a joke and this time it was phenomenal, I like it!!


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#540-Kachori, Papdi etc

For the lack of a better question,just identify the artist, the song and if possible the album too 🙂

A small announcement: Sometime during next month we are planning to start “themed weeks” i.e, questions will be posted on some topic that is chosen by YOU! a poll will be put up and based on the number of votes  the theme for the week is decided.So please vote, else topic close to my heart will be posted 🙂

PS- Theme here doesn’t mean a stage 2 or a connect, it is just a topic on which questions will be set e.g., music, philosophy, india, etc

PPS- This can be termed as the daly haal effect!

PPPS- If you really love a topic, vote for the topic and send question contributions, which means more questions and more fun!

Question cracked by- djd,NIshanth,Avais,Sid Jain, Avais, Nakul, Abhi,Shreyas, Raghuvansh , NIkhil , Leo

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