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Monthly XIX

The Monthly, say Yearly, is back!This time the post  remains open for 7 days i.e, till the 31st of December! The next daily question will be posted next year :)Hope this will be a good precursor to the Toughest quiz on this planet in the world :):)Oh! and yes wwe have a little more questions than usual  so YAY!!

Questions by- Myqa, Googboog and yours truly


  • This is a humongous post, so please be patient
  • Some Questions may be arbit,may be not.
  • Questions 1-50 carry 1 point
  • 51-85   carry 2 points
  • The last question for this round shall be uploaded on the 26th December at 2000hrs. All questions have been uploaded
  • Part points will be awarded based on the merit of the answer,
  • Scroll through the pages to view the questions. Every page has 10 questions(Click on Pages 1, 2, 3 etc).If anybody finds this uncomfortable I  can easily switch to the conventional format(waiting for your comments on  this).

In case, you need a pdf version(78 pages, approx 7 Mb) of the quiz Find it here—> The Monthly

Please note–If there are any errors in the pdf, please visit the blog. Creating a new pdf doc in my 17 century pc is hajaaar pain 🙂

Get Cracking!

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Sriram has this question… Connect

The Monthly shall be up tomorrow, hope most of the Food For Thought  ,and many others, will give it a shot 🙂

Cracked by-Leo,Murphy,Kaushik Saha,Malcaluffin, Sumant & Raghuvansh


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#705–Van Nederlands

Ismav has this really nice question… Id the artist and artwork(s)

Cracked by everybody!


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Cracked by Ismav, Raghuvansh, Mayukh Bose, Malcaluffin,Rithwik,Anubhav,Andy & Rand Al’Thor


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#703-Pompous eh?

Who? Why famous?

Cracked by-Rithwik,Vrashabh,Mayukh,Scipio,Malcaluffin,Sid Jain,Wanderlust & SaiGanesh


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