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Id all three, the reason for such an order and the title refrence?



The person in pic has go nothing to do with question(that I have in mind) but still id him, ’cause he is a fantastic player

Maximum breaks by- Raghuvansh,Nishanth, Srinivas M S & Nikhil

Watch this

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#820 – Role Model

Identify the athlete and what’s happening.

Cracked by alla youz… Derek Redmond being helped to the finish line by his dad after destroying his hamstring.

Here’s a video of a touching corporate exploitation of the event.

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#819-Marathi Manoos

Sports week continues…Id this person, very much in the news recently

Cracked by Sid Jain, Nakul, M S Srinivas & Amit Roy


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818 A series of events

Another racing question, a series of pictures was taking which ended up becoming one of the most iconic images in Formula 1, leading to one driver winning this medal

answered correctly by Raghuvansh, M S Srinivas, Amit Roy, Malcaluffin, Viswesh, Rithwik, Manish Achuth, Chitananda, Leo and Siddhart Jain

here is a video of the incident

Warning : It is very depressing to watch.

Some other facts.

Roger Williamson was 25, this was his second GP and his crash was caused by a tyre failure

David Purley was 28 during this incident. A couple of seasons later, he was involved in a massive accident where his car decelerated from 173 kmph to 0 in 66cm, the impact of  179.8 G’s is still considered to be the highest G force ever survived by a human. Purley never recovered enough to race in F1 again and was himself killed in 1985 when his aerobatic plane crashed into the sea of the coast of England.

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Id this clay specialist

Cracked by 27 peoples!


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