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Monthly XXIV

Update: Answers uploaded.

The Monthly is back. It stays open till Sunday Oct 3rd 2010. Post your answers in a single comment.
May the force be with you! 🙂

Questions by cnik and myqa.

The first twelve questions have a theme. Theme is worth 2 points.

1. Identify the band. An album cover is given on the left.

2. Identify the cricketer.

3. These comics have a hero. Who is he?

4. This man is a novelist. Who is ___ ____?

5. The man on the left started a famous company. Identify the company. The building on the right might help.

6. Identify the company which produced this car.

7. Identify the drummer on the left. He belongs to the band on the right.

8. Identify the institution named after the man shown below. The seal might help.

9. This might help in cracking the theme. Identify this movie.

10. The man on the right is the brother of the man on the left. Identify the encircled man.

11. The movie on the left uses the phone on the right. Identify the phone.

12. Identify the wrestler.

13. They act together. How?

14. Id the place

15. Id the instrument.

16. The dreams of this man in glasses were shattered. Who?

17. This product, in select countries, has created high waves in recent times. Which & how?

18.Your eyes are most likely to be drawn to these tiny robots found around in the office of this popular company. Which one?


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#952 – Without ruler..

Arbit question. Identify circled gentleman. The band below is inspired from him.


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#951 – YRF.

Connect the images. The title puts you in the right direction.


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#950 – French for two..

Put funda.


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#949 – My name is Red..

Identify the two gentlemen (other than Chavez). The man saluting at the bottom and the title are clues.


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