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Simple for some, not so for others! Identify this actress

Cracked by 9 of you!


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Firstly, sorry about the irregularity in posting of the questions. This shall be rectified, soon 🙂

Identify this legendary teacher

_Sh4 Cracks this!


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#1162-In the ponds

Identify the creature


Cracked by VK, Varsha, iceman & Ananth


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The blog will be on a break till the 21st of this month. Shall post questions from the 22nd.



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# 1161 Depressingly tied

Identify this trophy no longer in vogue. The last to win it was the United States beating Queen mary by a comfortable margin.The trophy also owed its existence to a british politician.The name of the trophy has some significance in horse racing too.


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