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Why are these birds lucky?


Cracked by 23 peeepalsss!

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Firstly sorry about the delay!

Answers For the Monthly!

1.       Kitt the cloudkicker(cloudwala for Doordarshan viewers)

2.       Dubai Shopping Festival

3.       Pt. Bhimsen Joshi

4.       Spork

5.       Nuclear Supplier’s Group

6.       Demo by Volta to Napoleon

7.       The 7 kids from The Sound Of Music

8.       A Clockwork Orange

9.       Voodoo Child

10.   Sara- Undertaker’s wife(for keen observers the tattoo on his neck is visible) and Sara is Tendulkar’s daughter(Sachin+Ramesh). I agree its a weird question!

Here are the score

1.       Manish K S-2

2.       Nakul-8

3.       Nishanth Raman-3

4.       Animesh Kashinath-3

5.       Raghuvansh-7

6.       Aashith-4

7.       Malcaluffin-5

8.       Sangram-6

9.       Hemant Agarwal-3

10.   Vinay Nair-4

11.   Guru-6

12.   Appu-1

13.   Ankit Jindal-4

14.   Goyal-5

15.   Dibyo-6

16.   Kamal Rathi-6

17.   Amit Roy-3

18.   Anubhav-5

19.   Haroon Siyech-4

20.   Aashish-4

21.   Neeraj-4

22.   Shounak-1

23.   Vinayprasad-5

24.   Sid Jain-6

25.   Anirudh Patil-3

26.   Srikar-4

27.   Adithya-5

28.   Varsha-2

29.   Shardha-6

30.   Bhargava Urala-4

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#355-Long set of rules

Put Funda


The deity shown may act as a clue


Cracked by 21 quizzers


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#354-Generation Y

Simplified version of a question sent in by Adithya Pandanda. Identify the man!


Cracked by Nakul only! Good work!


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Nishanth Raman says-Movie Poster of which independent drama-comedy?

Cracked by Aknit Jindal, Kamal Rathi, Adithya,Raghuvansh, Debashish, Malcaluffin, MArtin,Nikhil Srivatsa, Nakul,Bipin,Leo, Sid Jain & anubhav

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