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Monthly-XXIII- Year End 2010


  • There are 50 66 questions as of 25th, we will be adding further questions by tomorrow 2100 hrs
  • The post remains open till the 1st of January. Daily questions from the 3rd January
  • This is a long post and hence the post has been split up into pages,,here are 8 such pages. Also, we have a pdf version(55 pages) of the quiz which is available for download
  • A point a piece.¬† Total 100 points
  • Only one answer per person is accepted, this just makes the task of collating scores easier, subsequent replies will be deleted
  • IN case of questions revolving around a theme: The theme might be an individual, a place, an event or any other such thing that happens in a quiz. In case the constituent question¬† has two answers E.g., X-Y either X or Y or X&Y or someone related to them may lead you towards the theme.

Questions by Chandan, Rana and Yours Truly

Download pdf–>Final Quiz

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Today at 1800 hrs we will be posting our annual quiz which will remain open till the 31st of December. We shall then take a break till 2nd of January to collate scores and to be humbled at the Grand-Daddy of all online quizzes here.

See you at 1800 hours


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What connects these gentlemen?


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#1017-Urban Dictionary Owes Him a Lot




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#1016 – For sale

This website is selling something. What?


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