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The blog will be on a break from the 31st of May till the 6th of June due to a variety of reasons!

We will be back on track and schedule by the 6th of June!


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#851- The Elephant man

We will re-start theme weeks after a while. For now, plain random questions ­čÖé

Identify  the man who is holding the card!

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Statement- Look at the leaderboard(erstwhile) there are about 500 peoples  but  only about 100 of them regularly answer and hence generate traffic to the blog


Output/Input=You win, I win! I lose you need not lose!


Cracked by Scipio, Ann, Leo,Gokul , Malcaluffin, Nihar & raghuvansh!


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#849- Shunya!

Identify this physicist without whom we could never distinguish Chennai from Mysore. Or to be very precise The Thar from Ladakh

He was one step above the “first” rank!

Cracked by Leo only! Amazing!

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