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Sriram has this question!Spin a yarn with these pics….Do check out his blog:)





Cracked by-Kamal, Nakul, Malcaluffin, Raghuvansh & karthik!



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A question from raghuvansh…
Spoof of elderly gentlemen + (uncle from video of the song sampled here + [un]reference to the famous airline pilot) = one of the funniest things to have ever appeared on American television.

‘Nuff said. Two word phrase (often seen on the intertubes) to connect.

*HINT*—>You need ‘i-need

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2677184&dest=-1]

The Question was quasi-cracked by Sid-Jain!


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Rithwik has this nice question…

A which was created by B was named in honour of C who was known for D.Solve for A,B,C & D!

Do visit his blog Blog – http://quizshooter.wordpress.com/

[no gallery]

Cracked by-Raghuvansh, Nakul, Malcaluffin,Anshu, Vrashabh, Kamal, Leo , Sid Jain & Mayukh!


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#621-Sun is Shining

Simple one for the day… What “line” of thinking connects these two ladies?

Cracked by NAkul, Malcaluffin, Raghuvansh, Sid JAin & Sangram

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#621-Baby’s day out!

Identify the lullaby!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2664534&dest=-1]

Cracked by Raghuvansh, Malcaluffin, Leo, Ananth &Kamal Rathi


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#620-Go ask the King!

This is a koschan for all Byad Byad baays(and girls).. Just connect/what distinction do these movies hold(I have left out another movie for a particular reason)
Sorry about the byad photoshop work!



Cracked by eleven of you, of-course, under the consent of the king! 🙂


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Reguvans has this koschinnn!

You could say the guy on the left fulfilled one of his burning ambitions. Who is he?

NOTE-Life is really nice when question contributions come pouring in like this!so YOU know what to do 😀

Cracked by Rajesh only! Superb work!


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